3/19 - Wildfires are Contributing to Global Warming More than we Think

I recently was reading up on the wildfires that we have been facing in the past few years and came across an article pertaining to talking specifically about the 2021 wildfires. When these fires happen, brown carbon is released into the atmosphere and scientists have been researching how this affects global warming through icebergs melting. In terms of what contributed to global warming fossil fuels and their black carbon emissions as well as carbon dioxide are the second and first contributors respectively, but wildfire fumes are close. Brown carbon has increased its potency to about 30% of black carbon and has been a driving factor in the increase of arctic melting in the past few decades. This leads to a vicious loop where wildfires happen, increasing the temperature, and then more wildfires occur due to that increase. Because of how dangerous these fires can be, not only to surrounding areas, but to the planet as a whole, researchers have stressed the importance of containing them and cutting back on other forms of pollution to try and lessen that cycle.

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