About Engaged Youth

How and why I started engaged-youth.org

About Engaged Youth

Engaged Youth is an interactive forum for young adults to engage on topics, both domestic and foreign, to raise awareness and provide a greater understanding of the issues. This forum is a place for an open and candid debate with the intent to involve all in participating and playing a more active part in discussing issues that have a significant impact on society.


The main objectives of this forum are:

  1. Provide an avenue for students to engage in activities other than academics, so they can improve and excel…
  2. Help expand their minds and gain a deeper understanding of multiple sides of important issues
  3. Develop and improve one’s communication and critical thinking skills that are essential in achieving his or her own goals
  4. Individuals have the opportunity to hone in their research skills as they prepare and participate on a particular issue/topic
  5. A place to meet and interact with other students and expand your social network and intellectual activity


Some self governing rules to ensure the mission and objectives of this website are met and preserved:

  1. Debate or critique the issue/topic but not the person
  2. Treat everyone with respect and avoid blame, speculation, and inflammatory language
  3. Hold your position as a brave space, and be willing to be challenged
  4. Agree to accompany opinions with facts/reasons.
  5. Commit to learning. Comment in order to share information, not to persuade.
  6. Avoid assumptions about any member or generalizations about social groups.
  7. Ensure fairness - we should self govern and take responsibility to speak up when we hear exclusion, prejudice or other injustice


Amith Chintalapati

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