Do social media platforms need to be regulated?

Was Facebook whistleblower Fances Haugen’s testimony shocking or did we already know the social media giant is always going to put their profits above everything else?

Watching her 60 minutes interview over the weekend and her Senate testimony, I felt all the revelations about the company’s only interest was making profit was no secret. Especially the last few years of social and political divide in the country sparked by the misinformation “wildfires” on social media, we have all known the source. Why did we not question the influence these platforms were having on our society? It is time for the global countries to unite and introduce regulation to supervise social media behemoth’s.

I agree that stricter regulations need to be placed on a world-wide scale for these social media companies that have so much influence on our societies. Everyone knows about the unethical things these companies do and still continue to use their platforms. If that doesn’t stop, no change will happen.