Is #AllLivesMatter an acceptable alternative to #BlackLivesMatter?

With the rise of protests for racial justice in the world, many people are using the #BlackLivesMatter to show their support. People have also used the #AllLivesMatter, but it has garnered more backlash than support due to claims that it is a means to draw the attention away from justice for black people, which was what sparked the current movement for racial justice.

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The use of #AllLivesMatter in response to the #BlackLivesMatter is not acceptable. If there are two houses, and one of them on fire, it would be unreasonable for firefighters to be saying both houses matter. Their attention would be focused on the house on fire, as it is what requires their immediate attention. The #BlackLivesMatter, similarly, is a response to the racial discrimination that black people are facing. The #AllLivesMatter movement is a distraction, essentially calling for resources to be dedicated for a problem that might not need it as urgently as the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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We all know all lives matter and that is inferred, so we shouldn’t need a #AllLivesMatter movement. And I agree, #BalckLivesMatter is an initiative to draw attention to the social injustice this particular community has been facing for decades (honestly forever). Maybe the slogan should have been “Black Lives Also Matter”.

@Mr.Bond - To your house on fire analogy, what about multiple houses on fire? We have see hate crimes targeted at different minority groups (ex: increase in asian hate crimes). How do we make sure one issue/movement does not take focus away from another one? Is there a way to highlight all such critical issues, without broad brushing it with #AllLivesMatter?

@Mr.Bond If we know that all lives matter, then why is it that people of many other races and minority groups continue to face racial discrimination till date? The #BlackLivesMatter initiative drew attention to the injustice faced by black people, and I think the kind of support this movement gained really inspired other people facing social injustice to fight and protest for racial justice. In the end, all that matters is racial justice for everyone, so I find #AllLivesMatter more suitable for a cause like this.

@Veda Although well intentioned, the use of #AllLivesMatter is controversial. Here’s a 2016 New York Times article that captures the sentiment around why: Why ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Such a Perilous Phrase - The New York Times

Tensions between police and black community in the US have also displayed a similar argument between #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter. Here’s another article with links to more resources to educate ourselves on this subject: Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter Explained | Landmark School

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