Is wind energy truly a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

With many people currently looking to find alternative, clean energy sources, one of the major ones being discussed is wind energy. Offshore wind turbines have been growing in popularity in places like Massachusetts and Virginia. However, many people argue that the implementation of such offshore wind farms would have a negative effect, as the power plants they would be replacing would result in many people losing their jobs. So, is wind energy a viable option to one day replace the use of fossil fuels? And if so, what should be done to help replace all the jobs lost from the departure from power plants?

@arunc_212 Absolutely! Wind, solar and hydro-electric power are the cleanest sources of energy. Obviously, these sources should be tapped where they are in abundance. However, we should also be conscious not to disrupt the natural landscape too much that it has negative impacts. For instance cutting down too many trees to install solar fields is trading one problem for another. There is a balance that we need to strike. Now about jobs eliminated say from shutting down Nuclear or Coal power plants, government and large private corporations should initiate training programs, so those folks can cross trained in other evolving fields. Climate threat is here and we are already feeling it. Failure to act now will have far more deadly consequences than a small percent of folks jobs.

Wind alone can’t replace our current fossil fuel dependency, we need to look at all forms of green energy solutions. I would also add Nuclear to the list that you suggested - 3 Reasons Why Nuclear is Clean and Sustainable | Department of Energy.

Agree on reskilling as an option to mitigate the job loss for traditional fossil fuel based industry. There have been several trials over the last 4-5 years, to reskill coal miners with coding skills. Some garnered a lot of buzz, but didn’t pan out - They Were Promised Coding Jobs in Appalachia. Now They Say It Was a Fraud. - The New York Times

Looks like the pandemic has also garnered similar reskilling for technology jobs for service industry workers who were most impacted with the pandemic shutdowns - As the Bloomberg interview highlights, we need private and public sector to invest in apprenticeship (learn on the job) programs to help people bridge the skill gap, so they can get paid as they learn new skills.