Should COVID-19 vaccinations be made mandatory across the country?

While COVID-19 vaccines are widely available to citizens all over the United States, many are refusing to get vaccinated, stalling the nation-wide vaccination rates. Many colleges and universities have made the vaccine mandatory for returning students, yet there are no such mandates being put in place for regular citizens. Should vaccine mandates be enforced upon all United States citizens for whom the vaccine has been deemed safe?

I do not think they should be mandatory around the country because that is a persons choice. But their choice should be grounds for an private business or government building to not allow them entrance or service like how colleges are making vaccines mandatory. Every action has consequences and not getting your vaccine is a choice that has consequences.

Vaccines mandates should not be enforced by the US government. To @Actualspy’s point it’s a personal choice, and people are entitled to make their own decisions. However vaccination cards/passports should be mandated. Without that businesses or organizations have no way of enforcing proper social distancing protocols with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

It is really a shame that not everyone wants to get the vaccine. There are many countries that are longing for these vaccines and here in the United States we have a surplus of the vaccine. Science and pandemics see no borders, race or political affinity. Yet, we the human kind are unable to galvanize and align around this critical issue. Lives are being lost in the process. The longer this goes on, the virus will be the winner … it will continue to mutate into new strains that the current vaccines are not effective against and this vicious cycle will continue. This is not how Small Pox and other deadly diseases were eradicated in the past. It feels like we are taking steps backwards …