Should #HumanTrafficking survivors be involved in establishing effective measures to curb it?

A lot of thoughtful solutions can be put in place by building on survivor experiences. Youth from impoverished communities are especially vulnerable to human trafficking. What ideas or suggestions do you have for youth to engage in this discussion with local communities and government organizations to help #EndHumanTrafficking?

People around the world become victims of #HumanTrafficking, lured by criminals exploiting their vulnerabilities.

📣 Call on your government to involve survivors in establishing effective measures to #EndHumanTrafficking 💙

— UNYouth (@UN4Youth) August 3, 2021

I think one of the best ways to help with the human trafficking situation would be to educate students in schools about potential signs and red flags related to human trafficking situations. Students should also be made aware of any hotlines or easy ways to contact the authorities if they come across such scenarios. In terms of involving survivors, that is definitely helpful, as they have firsthand experience with it and may be able to help with identifying warning signs of potentially dangerous situations. However, something like that needs to be done in a safe way so as to not put survivors in situations where they are not comfortable reliving any of the trauma they may have experienced.