Should the federal eviction moratorium be extended?

Due to the pandemic and many people losing their jobs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) imposed a nationwide temporary federal moratorium on residential evictions for nonpayment of rent in September of 2020. Now, a year later, there is debate as to whether the moratorium should be extended even though many are getting back to work as the new delta variant of
COVID-19 has become prevalent.

The federal and state governments should first look at removing all the red tape around distributing the Federal funds allocated for emergency rental assistance in the last year. Several tenants and landlords have filed complaints that the process of applying for funds is complicated and time consuming, while the funds remain unused. If the funds are released in a timely manner, there may not be a need to keep extending the moratorium.

I have mixed feelings about this. Last year was different, the country was on lock down and lots of people lost their jobs. So, it made sense to put this moratorium in place. The situation is now is very different. We have vaccinations, the country in not under lockdown, the travel and entertainment industry is open and and booming again, plenty of jobs for those who are open to going back to work. So, why should the moratorium be extended? If someone does not want to work and just sit around while collecting unemployment benefits, then that’s their choice. I can see some exceptions to this, but for most part, the government should not be rewarding folks with this type of benefit when folks have the option to get vaccinated and find work and be responsible citizens again.