Texas Abortion Restrictions

Texas’s new abortion restrictions have garnered lots of controversy recently as the state government has instated an abortion ban past 6 weeks of pregnancy. Supporters of abortion have been protesting and lobbying for the Supreme Court to block the law, but just recently, the Supreme Court has formally denied the request. Still, protests are taking place and discussions are being held throughout social media about the new law as well as the ethics and legality of abortion. Should abortion be legal in the United States, and if so, should there be a cutoff in terms of what stage of pregnancy the mother is in?

I found this article on CNN about what is the likely outcome of abortion access in America and it does a great job of outlining both what is likely to happen and the reasons for that. Definitely check it out if you are more interested in this topic. Congress could protect access to abortion. Here's why that's unlikely to happen. - CNNPolitics