US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the aftermath

It is really sad to see the situation and the plight of many Afghan locals in light of US withdrawal after nearly 20 years of war. This was truly a foreign policy blunder by the Bush administration. To take on a nation building campaign after 9/11, when the mission should have been to defeat Al Qaeda and ensure there is no terrorist threat from such an organization again. Instead, US set on a mission to build a nation based on its own ideals, not taking into consideration Afghanistan’s history, which we know wasn’t a realistic and achievable mission. Nation building is a process of evolution that happens from within the country with the will of the people fighting back and demanding for a better government and rule of law that is fair and just to all. It is usually a slow and painful process with a lot of bloodshed. Unfortunately, US had to learn this the hard way after exhausting over $2 trillion along many lost lives of US and Afghan people. And, where does that bring us now? We are back to square one, right where we started. And who is now going to pay the price for this failed mission - the Afghan people. How unfortunate!

I agree that squeezing ourselves into the government of a foreign country - especially an unstable government like that of Afghanistan - was not the right move but what’s done is done. What we need to be focusing on is how to best mitigate the situation for all the parties involved. What I am most concerned about is the deadline that the current administration put up to leave Afghanistan (August 31). Seeing how evacuation is going right now, it would be very difficult to get everyone out by that date so I hope that the Biden administration only put that up deadline as a means to speed up the process.

After the horrifying events of 9/11 the necessity of entering Afghanistan was simply a matter of national security. For the safety of Americans across the country and people across the world it was a far better decision the isolate the organization of terroristic and anti-American groups in Afghanistan and do protect not only our country but the world by stabilizing their country along with weakening their control of the government and infrastructure. As of when President Biden sent the troops back home from Afghanistan, America had done what they initially intended to do. With this in mind it is not our role to police the world and run other countries especially when these resources could be used to benefit our own country especially in its emergence from COVID-19. With this said, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right thing for the United States as was the initial decision to send troops there.

The US finished what it initially intended to do in Afghanistan in 2011 when Osama bin Laden was killed. Everything since then has been the US planting itself into the affairs of a sovereign nation. While the US has done some good for the government there, it means nothing now that we have left and it will be rundown again by terrorists. The US has spent 2.26 trillion dollars, mostly in the years following bin Laden’s death, and we are just abandoning our investment which should have never been made. Even when we were there, the government was corrupt. One example of this is the massive amounts of illegal opioids exported from Afghanistan into the world, which America directly suffers from. While the US’s decision to leave Afghanistan was correct, the way it was carried out was, in a word, disorganized. The chaos in the country right now is merely a result of our poor planning. There should have been a structured plan of who all to bring back - US citizens, green card holders, Afghan people that helped the US such as translators and guides - well before we pulled out. We should have also had a plan in place for securing our weaponry and technology which came out of the pockets of taxpayers and was just left on a silver platter for the Taliban. The attack at Kabul airport this morning is just the icing on the cake of this foreign policy disaster.