What 3 actions can your community take for a greener, inclusive future?

Calling all @engaged-youth.org members to share ideas on the topic - We can collectively create a video and respond to this UNYouth call to action:

📣 A call to all youth! We want to hear from you! What are 3 actions your country/community could take to build a greener, more inclusive future?

Your video could be shown during the @WorldBank / @IMFNews Annual Meetings! ➡️ Submit your video here: https://t.co/o1uBqwkQRT pic.twitter.com/SUla9lAIn6

— UNYouth (@UN4Youth) August 2, 2021

One action - a really simple one for everyone to do - Carry a reusable water bottle with you “all the time”.

Here’s an video on how much of our recycling trash actually gets recycled - eye opening!

How about not using plastics bags and instead use bags made out of organic material that can be reused. Likewise, do not use plastic straws. Instead use paper straws if you absolutely need one. These are simply changes that we all can make in our lives. Let’s start small and keep building from there!