What empirical data do we need to act to on the growing threat of climate changes?

It’s been years of drastic changes in the environment that every corner of the hemisphere is experiencing in the form of wild fires, extreme temperatures, more frequent and deadly storms and rising sea levels. Yet, we can’t get consensus and alignment amongst our leaders on such a critical issue that impacts all forms of life on this precious planet of ours. I find it particularly amusing that we people want to explore living on the moon and Mars which seem to be much more far fetched, then making good with what we have here on earth. Countries around the world should not be seeing this as a foreign policy issue. This is an existential threat to all civilization and there should be a call for action where all countries should be coming together as one to reverse the damage human kind has done to this plant. I’d like to see what others think about this?


Great article by MIT.


I agree with @Unity on that. To deal with a global threat like climate change, global cooperation is vital.

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Look at all the natural disasters happening across the globe for the past few years … the latest once in a year flooding in Western Europe that just happened in the last few days and the raging infernos in the western part of the United states. These storms, droughts, fires, excessive temperatures etc. are only getting more intense and frequent. We all should be lobbying, rallying, protesting and/or peacefully demonstrating to have our leaders act … now and aggressively. This would mean changes to all beings on this earth in how we live our lives. There is no other solution … we all created this mess, and together, we need to get out of it. Or less, we are all going to pay for it one way or another.

Latest report on climate change forecast … not good at all! It is high time that our leaders and corporations act now. Or less, earth, as we know it, may not be habitable for too long.

I believe majority agree that the earth is at peril if we don’t do anything, and even those who don’t agree are dealing with the effects of climate change every day. So let’s move from talk to action. I call on all members of engaged-youth.org to participate in The UN Campaign for Individual Action. Download the app to track your progress, invite your family and friends. We cannot wait for someone else to solve the problem for us. The future of our planet is in our hands - each and every one of us!!!


The difference between 1.5°C & 3°C global warming means vastly different scenarios for the future.

Our survival on this planet hinges on these few degrees.

Addressing the climate crisis & limiting temperature rise is possible, if we #ActNow. https://t.co/X0Shwfcd3n via @UNFCCC pic.twitter.com/AQbfsRGrMv

— United Nations (@UN) August 9, 2021
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