Will the Voting Rights Bill that Democrats are currently trying to pass be a positive or negative for United States elections?

The recent Voting Rights Bill currently being pushed by Democrats is a cause for the divide in the United States as those on the left state that it will open up more opportunities for those who have not been able to vote in the past while those on the right argue that it will lead elections being compromised due to voter fraud. Voter identification requirements are one of the main points of conflict.

Both parties are playing politics with this issue. Voting is a fundamental right of every American citizen. It should be made easy (and not hard) and convenient for every American to cast their vote, so most, if not all Americans, are involved in this democratic process. Having said, in my opinion, every American should also have an ID (or Driver’s license) without which they should not be allowed to vote. And, it should be made easy and affordable to get an ID in all states. We are a developed nation, with most advancements in innovation and technology, yet we can’t provide an ID such that all the states are connected through 1 system … come on, this should be a no brainer!